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For information on using apps to submit analyses, see Submitting Analyses.

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Using the Apps



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An app is the mechanism you use to submit an analysis.

The Apps toolbar contains two drop-down menus from which you can select and manage apps and workflows, and a search field to search for the app to use in your analysis.

The Category section on the left contains the organization for all available apps. The path to the selected file or folder is displayed above the right pane, and the contents of the selected folder are displayed below.

From the Apps page, you access the app to use for your analysis, create the analysis by specifying the file or files to use, define the settings as needed, and submit the analysis. As the analysis proceeds through the job, you receive notifications and status updates. Once the analysis is completed, you retrieve your results.

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For information on using apps to submit analyses, see Submitting Analyses.

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