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  1. How are they being used in different disciplines/projects
  2. Identify some real world examples/use
  3. How do you see yourself using these technologies for your work


Virtualization systems are designed to be comprised of three main components. First is the host OS in which the virtual machine runs on. Next, the virtualization layer which creates an isolated environment. Finally, software abstraction which encapsulates then instance of an OS separate to that of the host. Virtualization is key to many different fields due to their multiple uses and applications. Due to the isolation of the environment, virtualization is useful in providing safe testing setups for new software and/or test codes. Another important aspect is that a user is never limited by the hardware of a given system which allows them to run what every they so chose.

It is very common for companies to use virtualization setups for their servers because the isolated environment acts as a basic fail-safe, preventing collateral damage from occurring. The most practical uses of virtualization comes from the information security sector. When technicians, engineers, and database architects perform various security tests such as penetration testing. It is important for them to mimic a given environment so that they may look for vulnerabilities within a network, a software, and even a database. Performing such tasks on a system that is not encapsulated could lead to hardware damage and/or system failures. The virtualization would allow to push the cloned system to the limits without concerns of negative consequences on the system. Other applications of virtualization include virtual private networks (VPN), and simply OS-stacking – in which multiple operating systems can run simultaneously on a machine.

The coursework requires the uses of Ubuntu and CentOS, therefore the best method to using those systems without abandoning my current OS and keeping me environment secure is to take advantage of virtualization technologies. As a result, I see the use of virtual systems to be a standard in this course, especially when we begin to learn how to scale our systems for bigger data sets.