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 What happens at SRA?  CyVerse systems connect to SRA systems and create the submission folder on the SRA side.  Files are transferred and a submit.ready file is sent to the SRA to signal that the submission package is complete and they can begin processing.  The SRA system validates the submission package and generates a report.xml file containing any errors detected.  The SRA system sends notification email(s) to the contact email  provided in the BioProject metadata template, and to the CyVerse team to notify of either a successful or failed submission.  If  The first email will be titled "Submission ownership transfer".  Follow the instructions in that email to transfer ownership of the submission to the NCBI user included in the package metadata.  After ownership transfer, you can view the submission progress at  You may need to log in with the NCBI credentials for the account you used in the submission metadata.  After you receive further notification from the SRA, if there are errors, you can retrieve the submission report.xml file from SRA servers with the 'NCBI SRA Submission Report Retrieval' App in the DE, make corrections, and resubmit (see below).