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  1. It is highly recommended that you watch the webinar “Getting Started with iPlant” given monthly by Jason Williams as an introduction to iPlant, and some of its features.

  2. There are a series of accounts which need to be setup and software which needs to be downloaded before getting started. Follow this link and return after you have followed the instructions for setting up accounts.

  3. You can acquaint yourself with Atmosphere here, generally though, atmosphere allows you to access a virtual machine where all of the necessary programs have been installed to run the workflow.  This lab has several atmosphere images which have been launched although you will likely only need the validate image unless you want to work with a specific tool.  Validate 0.9 is available as an Atmosphere image under the name Validate Workflow v0.9. 

  4. It can also be helpful to, Check here to learn more about stampede and check here to learn more about the Agave API. Stampede is housed at TACC and is the world's largest supercomputer dedicated to science. The Agave API is a tool for creating and implementing apps into stampede. The workflow can be operated exclusively on stampede, however, this process is under development and the following pages will be for use in atmosphere.


titleLearn about allocations

Learn about CyVerse's allocation policies here.

Next Steps

After looking through and completing the above you are ready to begin, you can either start at the simulate page,found here, or you can continue to scroll through this page to learn more about the validate project, and find links to useful information.