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Any project members who will be using CyVerse should take a look at the wiki page Getting Started with CyVerse Home. Be sure that all project members have CyVerse accounts.

Sharing data with project members

For projects that are part of a single lab, we recommend that the PI create a CyVerse account and share it with lab members. Specific sub-directories can be shared with specific lab members as desired.


If your project needs a shared folder for data that will be made public, you can request community data hosting.

Managing data in a shared project

We strongly recommend that a single person be in charge of data management. There should also be a single person (generally the PI) who has ownership of the project folders and who sets read and write permissions for others. This ensures continuity when people move on. The PI can give ownership to a data manager for setting lab permissions, but should maintain their ownership as well.

The owner of a folder has the ability to delete or rename the folder and any of its contents. If project members are given write permission to the project folder, they will be able to create their own sub-folders which they will own.

For more general data management tips, see Using CyVerse to make your data FAIR.

Sharing tools and analyses with project members

Projects can use CyVerse analysis platforms to develop and share analysis tools and workflows.