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About iCommands

iCommands is a collection of commands for Linux and Mac OS operating systems that are used in the iRODS system to interact with the CyVerse Data Store. Many commands are very similar to Unix utilities. For example, to list files and directories, in Linux you use ls, but in iCommands you use ils.

While iCommands are great for all transfers and for automating tasks via scripts, they are the best choice for large files (2-100 GB each) and for bulk file transfers (many small files). For a comparison of the different methods of uploading and downloading data items, see Downloading and Uploading Data.

iCommands must be installed and configured for your system. Once set up, CyVerse users can use iCommands to access files that have been shared by other users, as well as manage metadata, change permissions on data files and folders you own, and more.

Even if you don't have an account, you can download public files using iCommands. For more information, see the iCommands section on the Downloading Data Files Without a User Account page. For information on using iCommands, see Using iCommands.



For common Linux distributions, there are NetCDF iCommands available. Please see the NetCDF iCommands section.

For common Linux distributions, there are NetCDF iCommands available. Please see the NetCDF iCommands section for more information.

Setting up iCommands

iCommands must be set up and configured on each user's local machine or server, as outlined below, before you can transfer data to (with a CyVerse user account) and from the CyVerse Data Store using iCommands. Note that iCommands cannot be used to upload files into Data Store via URL from other sites (ftp, http, etc.). Without a CyVerse account, you can download public data from the Data Commons Repository (DCR).

For account users, you can download data from an external site using iCommands. To do so, download the file to a local machine using wget or a similar mechanism and then use iput to upload it to the Data Store. If you have a significant amount of external data to import from an external site, you may want to perform the transfer using a utility, such as Import by URL in the DE (not available using iCommands), or an Atmosphere instance.

Before you begin, you may want to watch a CyVerse video about iCommands.

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