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Apply metadata through the DE, using the Dublin Core metadata template. See Using Metadata in the DE for instructions on how to apply a metadata template or apply metadata in bulk. The Dublin Core template contains 22 fields, but only 7 of them are required: Title, Subject, Description, Rights, Creator (may be consortium), Publisher (automatically set to CyVerse Data Commons), and Date. In the Rights field, we recommend an open access license such as CC0 or ODC-PDL. See the Permanent Identifier FAQs page for more information on rights. You can use multiples of fields such as Creator, Contributor, or Subject.

Any metadata you add will be displayed on the dataset's landing page under, will be indexed for search, and will aid in data discovery. The required metadata will be used to generate a citation for your dataset.

Step3: Upload and organize your data

If your data are already on the CyVerse Data Store, you can move them to your Community Released folder. Otherwise, upload them using one of the methods described in Downloading and Uploading Data. If you need help uploading or moving a dataset that contains very large fails (many GB) or many thousands of files, please contact the CyVerse data curators.

 Step 4: Make your data public

Once you have applied the required metadata and put some data in your folder, you can make it public. If you have experience Using iCommands, you can do this using ichmod by give read permission to the users "public" and "anonymous". Otherwise, contact the CyVerse data curators who will make the folder public for you.

Need help?

See the Permanent Identifier FAQs page for answers to some common question. Please contact the CyVerse data curators if you have question about how to organize your data, what metadata to include, or which license to apply.