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  • Only submission package folders have metadata. Do not add metadata to the sequence files

  • Use the Metadata Term Guide in the DE for explanations of each metadata term. The guide is located within each template.

  • Three metadata templates will be used to add metadata to the submission package: BioProject, BioSample, and Library.
    • For the BioProject Folder, select the NCBI BioProject Creation WGS metadata template.
    • For the BioSample Folder(s), select the  NCBI BioSample - Plant WGS metadata template.
    • For the Library Folder(s), select the NCBI WGS Library metadata template.
  • If you plan to add metadata to a large number of BioSamples and/or Libraries, see the documentation for adding metadata templates in bulk.
  • When entering a contact email on the BioProject metadata template, you must enter the email address associated with your NCBI account in order to receive WGS email notifications on the status of your submission.
  • See for help determining the appropriate BioSample type for your data.

  • Use the TEST - NCBI_WGS_Submit DE app to validate the metadata file. For validation, the app will attempt to create a submission.xml metadata file for use by the WGS system, based on the metadata entered into the templates. 


Step 6: Submit to WGS

Run the TEST - NCBI_WGS_Submit app to submit to the WGS. Make sure you uncheck the Validate metdata file only checkbox. The app will both create the submission.xml metadata file and transfer all sequence files to the WGS.