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  • There still can be gaps within the sequences; you will supply the information about the gaps during submission.
  • Plasmids and organelles can still be in multiple pieces.
  • Internal sequences must be arranged in the correct order and orientation.
  • Sequences must be concatenated in the correct order

Standard Submission Scenarios


  1. Carefully read this tutorial.
  2. Review the example Input data, Output data, and metadata for this tutorial in the Discovery Environment Data window in Community Data -> iplantcollaborative -> example_data -> WGS_submission.
  3. You must have an NCBI account to submit. You can obtain an NCBI account here.
  4. You must have used your NCBI account credentials to log into the WGS submitter system at least once to submit from CyVerse. To ensure that you have logged in to the WGS submitter system, go to the the  WGS homepage.
  5. Be aware that submission is not complete until you receive final notification from the WGS that your data have been received, processed, and will be released on the specified date.
  6. For help interpreting submission errors in WGS notification emails, email the WGS help desk at

  7. For help with issues within the CyVerse Discovery Environment, or to provide feedback, visit the CyVerse Ask forum or email



An example of submission package metadata is in the Discovery Environment Data window under Community Data -> iplantcollaborative -> example_data -> WGS_submission

Step 1: Create an NCBI


WGS submission folder in the DE

The submission package is created using tools in the DE. Submission package have has three levels: BioProject, BioSample, and Library. Package organization is similar to the SRA organization detailed in the NCBI Quick Start Guide.