The applications listed here are available for use in the Discovery Environment and are documented in: Discovery Environment Manual.

Discovery Environment Applications List

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This  iRODS-Dashboard VICE app provides a dashboard summary of data in a given location (directory) in the cyverse data store. The application crawls through all the subdirectories and provides summary at individual files and at directory level including identifying duplicate files (by content). It only contact datastore once to import details about the files and directories, all subsequent searches are done using local database (making it much faster) 


The user interface includes 4 tabs:

  • Summary tab provides statistics of file type (by file extension), size and will include visualization in subsequent versions of this app.
  • Duplicate file tab shows the duplicate files and their location
  • Browse files allows you to browse (like a file manager) the results of the crawl and search for specific files
  • Import tab allows you to query data store to obtain information and specify location to start crawling.

Launch the application  click on the resulting VICE link provided by DE and select the import file data tab and provide information. See image below for details to provide, replace "your_cyverse_login" with your own cyverse login name under credentials and folder section.

It takes few minutes to crawl the location and generate the statistics for the dashboard. For large (millions of files) the import operation will time out, select individual subdirectories at top level if you encounter timeout.

You can hover over a file with your mouse to get  link to copy the full path in data store, which can be used to examine data or delete it using DE or icommands etc.



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Chris Klimowski (UA Data Science Institute: Data7)