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Final Grade: I would give this project a final grade of an 'B.' For what the project was, it filled a great deal of the criteria for this project model despite not using a lot of traditional computer coding. However, its shortcomings were mostly in the collaboration criteria. Twine is a game making tool that cannot be shared online. Because of this, it cannot be edited at the same time by group members. The group members for this project only used spare class time to discuss and work on this project together, so what coding there was on Twine, one person did it. However, the story was well developed and whenever a group mate had a question, the other members would answer quickly to the best of their knowledge. 


Post-Mortem Analysis

Good: Everybody contributed to their part and completed the assignment before the due date.

Bad: Some group members didn't have their notifications on slack so it was hard to reach out sometimes.

Ugly: N/A

Change: Have notifications on so that the entire group is updated when progression on the project is made.