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Team Members


Galen Bowman gbbowmanBowman 

Kai Blumberg kaiiamBlumberg 

Jacob Bernard  jacobbernard

Samantha Robbins  samanthalrobbinsRobbins  

Mingzhen Lin  ElephantaleLin  

GitHub Repository


Github Page : https://TODO Create a github repo for our group and invite everyone in the group as collaborators on the new github page. I've put the usernames next to the group member names (delete them when finished). When finished also delete this text and replace with a link (preferably a pretty one with an embedded url in text if possible) to our new github page.com/gbbowman/Midterm-Project-Board

Please test the link and let me (Galen) know if you can't reach it for any reason.

Client Needs


The client requires a web client which can be used by educators and students to run the NCBI BLAST Basic Local Alignment Search Tool algorithm.