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5) Record all data and use Docker to finalize.


Creating an image with Atmosphere

Open the Request Form

  1. Click Projects on the menu bar and open the project with the instance to use for the new image.
  2. Click the instance name. The instance must be in Active status.
  3. In the Actions list on the right, click Image.

Image Info

  1. Select tags to add to your image
    1. In our case, we have “ABBlast”, “Base”, “nodesktop”, “nogui”, “Ubuntu”, “ubuntu1804”
  2. Click Next

Version Info

  1. In New Version Name, enter the new name or number of the tool to distinguish this tool from others with a similar name
    1. Ours was “seqserver_RT”
  2. Click Next


  1. Select the visibility level for the image from the dropdown list:
    1. We chose “Public”
  2. Click Submit


  1. Verify that the options you selected are correct.
  2. Click Request Image. You will receive an image from Support when your image is ready.



DNA sequence length

Time (sec)

Small database (2,291 Mbp)

Time (sec)

Large database (64,036 Mbp)

1 kbp2.9653.13
2 kbp3.95111.54
5 kbp4.89158.5
15 kbp14.01304.88
30 kbp31.961206.92