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Nasser contributed is creating VMs to test benchmarking and Creating” Master Machine”, having hands on makeflow and work queue attending class meeting, attending workshops,   

Asiedu Owusu-Kyereko : Worked  on making the worker docker container. Contributed with write-up and presentation, attending collaboration meetings

Project Timeline 



For benchmarking, we ran the test on four different virtual  machines with four different types of cores (1, 2, 4, and 8 cores) and each machine has different size of memory and harddisk. The instance size of the four virtual machines is presented as following:


Instance Name

Instance size

Ubuntu 18_04 GUI XFCE Base

Tiny 2(CPU:1  Mem:8 GB, Disk:60 GB)

Ubuntu 18_04 GUI XFCE Base

Small 2(CPU:2  Mem:16 GB, Disk:120 GB)

Ubuntu 18_04 GUI XFCE Base

Medium 3(CPU:4  Mem:32 GB, Disk:240 GB)

Ubuntu 18_04 GUI XFCE Base

Large 3(CPU:8 Mem:64 GB, Disk:480 GB)



Input Exported PowerPoint Presentation.