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Webinar Tutorial: Using VICE DESeq2 for RNA-seq Differential Expression Analysis


Transcript identification and the quantification of gene expression have been distinct core activities in molecular biology ever since the discovery of RNA’s role as the key intermediate between the genome and the proteome. The power of sequencing RNA lies in the fact that the twin aspects of discovery and quantification can be combined in a single high-throughput sequencing assay called RNA-sequencing (RNA-seq)1.


Webinar Tutorial

Step-by-step guide

Step-1: Upload SRA list to CyVerse Data Store

Click here to see NCBI SRA entries for one sample.

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Uploading your own data to CyVerse, see Downloading and Uploading Data


Step-2: RMTA

Arabidopsis Genome: `/iplant/home/shared/iplantcollaborative/genomeservices/builds/1.0.0/24_77/Arabidopsis.TAIR10/de_support/genome.fa`