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Team Processes

At first, the entire team was focused on figuring out how to correctly build the RGB pipeline. After we made some headway on that, we divided into two teams: One for the scanner3D pipeline and one for RGB. After the RGB pipeline was nearing completion, we redivided the teams in two again: One for pipeline development and one for HPC deployment. 

Our meetings tended to occur each week before or over the weekend, as other classes made it hard to schedule large meetings during the week proper, and during class-time.


What Worked Well
Team meetings had good attendance, and everyone was eager to contribute. Team leaders were always ready to answer questions and clarify direction. 

What Didn't Work Well
Lack of familiarity with the tools involved made progress difficult. The tools themselves were not always stable, either.

What Could Have Been Done Differently

Work was not divided well, and put a heavy burden on some members of the team.

Teammate Evaluations:

Team Members:
  • John Xu
  • Michele Cosi
  • Jackson Lindsay
  • Jennen Maryniak
  • TJ Lippincott
  • Mohammad Moghaddam
  • Michael Burman
  • Anthony Dominguez
  • Nick Reppe
  • Brandi Diesso
  • Nasser Albalawi