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  • The first stage was involved withe RGB module.
    • clean_metadata 

    • bin2tif

    • soil_masking
    • fieldmosaic

    • canopycover (plot level) 

  • The second stage was involved withe scanner3D module  
    • clean_metadata
    • ply2las
    • plotclip
    • canopy_height (plot level)


  • JX 
  • Php
  • Python 



Team is divided into two groups
  • Cloud Team   
  • HPC Team 


What Worked Well
we As the workflow team's run and test all the docker containers for both RGB and scanner3D. 

What Didn't Work Well
we have As the workflow team's have faced some issue with cctools 

What Could Have Been Done Differently

As the workflow team's

Teammate Evaluations: