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    • Once the metadata file has been saved, select the NCBI WGS Submit app to validate the submission package and metadata file.  Note: Do not put metadata file in BioProject folder.

    • During validation, the app will attempt to create a submission.xml metadata file for use by the WGS system based on the metadata entered into the templates, but will not transfer any files to the WGS. At submission, the app will both create the submission.xml metadata file, and transfer it and sequence files to the WGS.
    • If the submission.xml file is created in the DE Analysis output folder and there are no errors, the package has successfully passed validation.
    • Input: The BioProject folder (top level of the submission package), BioProject metadata file and checked box of "Validate metadata file only"
    • Output: 

      • Logs folder with information on job execution.

      • A folder named with your CyVerse username and the top-level BioProject folder ID that contains the submission.xml (metadata file formatted for ingestion by the WGS).