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iPG2P Steering Committee
January 25, 2011; 2 to 3pm EST

Present: Matt Vaughn, Karla Gendler, Steve Welch, Martha Narro, Shiran Pasternick, Dan Stanzione, Ruth Grene, Tom Brutnell, Dan Kliebenstein, Eric Lyons, Jeff White


  • CI Development Update
  • IBP
    • At iPlant's PAG session, iPlant signed an MOU with Gates IBP
    • Their goal is to support breeding in developing countries; take molecular breeding tools and make them available to breeders everywhere but especially developing countries
    • Intent to build tool platform on top of iPlant’s CI; iPlant is not going to build it for them
    • Going to hire 3 people: 1 senior developer and 2 junior developers; co-locate with UA iPlant team
    • 2 things: move some of their analysis pipelines (R scripts); fieldbook but have agreed to help with mockups
    • White asked how to reach out to US breeders not employed by Pioneer, Monsanto
      • Goff has been working on it; maybe extending my-plant network; Jeff White will follow up with Goff
  • PAG Sessions
    • Plant Phenotyping: 150
    • Quantomics: 30 (private meeting)
    • Workshop: 200+ (standing room only)
    • Arabidopsis session: 100
    • CoGE session: 50-75
    • Comparative Genomics (Pat Schnable talk): 400
  • PAG Outcomes
    • Interest in Atmosphere
    • Letters of collaboration or support
    • Data hosting
  • Formation of a Genome Sequence Assembly Team
    • Basic objective to provide sequence assembly resources to community using TACC resources
    • Best practice type of meeting

Next meeting time: Tuesday, February 8, 2011 2pm EST