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+a,b Page: 2014.04.17 BIEN db (iPToL)
APO Page: AP_Meetings (iPToL)
April 14, 2010 Page: My-Plant Project Development (iPToL)
BIEN3 Range Modeling Page: 2014.04.22 BIEN3 Range Modeling (iPToL)
DataAssemblyWkshp090109.xls Page: Data_Assembly_Workshop (iPToL)
Documents BIEN db Page: 2012.06.01 BIEN db (iPToL)
MP_22MAY12 Page: My-Plant Meetings (iPToL)
On top of that, if multiple traits are stored in a table, it is possible that the taxa name is present in the file, but one or more traits have not been recorded in one or more taxa. Depending on the type of analysis performed, 3 resolutions exist. Comple Page: DataMatch (iPToL)
Presentation by Todd Vision to iPlant engagement team (July 1, 2009) Page: How researchers view or select data sources (iPToL)
Reference in meeting notes Page: TR_08FEB10 (iPToL)
UI Mockup for Single BLAST Page: TR_15FEB10 (iPToL)
When developing a solution, consideration should be put into allow the user to mark or track hits from the original search all the way through the analysis. Page: TR_01MAR10 (iPToL)
Page: TR_15MAR10 (iPToL)
Page: TR_15FEB10 (iPToL)
first comment below Page: TR_21DEC09 (iPToL)
in 3-panel view, focus on the reconciled tree Page: TR_NESCent_Visit_09FEB10_UI_Mockup (iPToL)
in 3-panel view, focus on the species tree Page: TR_NESCent_Visit_09FEB10_UI_Mockup (iPToL)
pdf Page: August 31, 2009 (iPToL)
provides summary of use case discussion Page: TR_TreeVisualization_Approaches (iPToL)
the left-hand portion of the full-board view Page: TR_NESCent_Visit_09FEB10_UI_Mockup (iPToL)
the left-hand showing 3-panel view Page: TR_NESCent_Visit_09FEB10_UI_Mockup (iPToL)
the second & third views shown re search results Page: TR_15MAR10 (iPToL)
the upper, right portion of the full-board view Page: TR_NESCent_Visit_09FEB10_UI_Mockup (iPToL)
this view optional leads to a results page Page: TR_NESCent_Visit_09FEB10_UI_Mockup (iPToL)
use cases 2, 3, 12, and 4 Page: TR_03MAY10 (iPToL)
Page: TR_19APR10 (iPToL)
Page: TR_5APR10 (iPToL)