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Biostatistics 2016 - 5th International Conference on Biometrics & Biostatistics

CyVerse Trainers

Upendra Devisetty

Date and Time

October 21, 2016, XX-XXam/pm


Venue/Room Location, Houston, TX


How to get the most out of this workshop

  • This workshop is primarily a series of short demos.
  • Experience and attendee feedback has shown that most users in this setting (attending a major conference, potentially limited internet, lecture seating) are usually looking to evaluate and follow up with information rather than detailed training
  • Slides and tutorials will be available at this link for follow up at your own pace.
  • The workshop will conclude with resources on how to follow up and get more help and training.

Workshop program

Post-workshop checklist and software downloads

1. Obtain a CyVerse Account

  • Get your free account at  If possible, please register with an institutional (e.g. .edu, .org, .gov) email account ; only accounts linked to institutions can be granted access to Atmosphere.

2. Obtain Atmosphere Access

  • Once you have your account, go to and under Available Services, request access  to Atmosphere. Indicate that you are attending a workshop when you are asked for justification (This will only be granted if you registered for CyVerse using an institutional account; see above).

3. Setup your computer for CyVerse

Most CyVerse platforms only require a web browser. All users are encouraged to use Cyberduck for their data uploads (GUI); iCommands can be used for access to the Data Store services. 

  • Internet Browser: Please have an up-to-date web browser (We strongly recommend Firefox or Safari; Internet Explorer, Chrome and others have significant issues.)
  •  Data Store: Download and install iCommands (for Linux and MacOS only)

The following are optional for the workshop, but required if you wish to complete all exercises in the workshop packet:

Information on The Biostatistics Conference


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