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Jialiang Wang

     1. Write programs for people, not computers.(JL)

  • This program on this website is a way to pass basic pictures and information to readers. There are only a few pictures and descriptions on this website. When the reader feels that they are attracted by one of the pictures, they can click on the picture and browse more details also collect that. on the other hand, when the reader wants to look through the pass picture, they don't need to search for the picture by memory, and it can be found directly in the favorites. Finally, I checked the code style, formatting and names are consistent.
  • Grade:A

      2. Let the computer do the work. (JL)

  • In this website, users can browse their own history browsing records, so that they can continue to read the content, and save time does not need to browse pictures that have been seen or not interested. but this website does not have a build tool to automate the workflow. 

  • Grade: B



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  1. Can you remind me why you were the only person on this assignment?