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This page has been deprecated. FAQs are now in the Help icon in the DE.

To view the FAQs, click at the top right of the screen in the DE. This covers DE questions about analyses, data, and apps.

Software licensing

How do I apply the CyVerse software license to code?

As CyVerse is a virtual organization housed at multiple institutions, the process that is followed is slightly different depending upon the institution at which the code was primarily written.

  • For projects primarily housed at the University of Arizona, the process is outlined in Checklist for open source code release. Much of the information in that document applies to releases of code primarily written at other institutions, but those institutions' intellectual property departments will have different forms and should be consulted directly.
  • CyVerse uses a BSD license. The license text and instructions for applying it to code and uploading it to the CyVerse repository can be found in Applying the CyVerse License to Code.
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