The applications listed here are available for use in the Discovery Environment and are documented in: Discovery Environment Manual.

Discovery Environment Applications List

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The BLASTX apps have been removed from the Discovery Environment, because they were used much too heavily, thus causing a strain on our infrastructure. BLASTX is not the preferred method for annotating transcript assemblies, even though it is still commonly used for this purpose. We recommend using Transcript decoder to create 1 good translation of your nucleotide contigs and then use that translation to Blastp against an appropriately select database. Using this approach gives the user better, more appropriate results, and saves the drain of our computation time. A good tool for performing the Blastp step is the app Blastp a subset of Uniprot, which was created specifically for annotation.


If the user prefers still to use Blastx, we recommend using a desktop or laptop computer with Blastx installed. Installation and running of Blast applications is not that difficult for those new to bioinformatics.


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