iPg2p Steering Committee Minutes
February 9, 2010; 1 to 2 pm CST

Present: Dan Kliebenstein, Chris Myers, Dan Stanzione, Jeff White, Matt Vaughn, Steve Welch, Tom Brutnell, Karla Gendler, Steve Goff, Chris Jordan, Greg Abram, Ed Buckler

The meeting was convened at 1pm CST and there was some general discussion to allow time for late arrivals to dial in.

Item 1: Review Action Items from San Diego Meeting

Item 2: Press Release StatusWelch send out the latest draft of the press release this morning with the advisory that the local people involved would need to be contacted and the release modified for each institution. HE has highlighted in green the areas that need to be changed. He will get the press release out to the media people by the end of the week.

Item 3:Update on CI Development - Matt/KarlaStanzione reported that the first release of code is more focused on the Trait Evolution working group needs. The developers are going to start moving prototype code to production code and then will begin to work on authentication and authoring.

Item 4: Working Group Updates

Item 5: Identify Action Items

*Next meeting time: February 23, 2010; 1pm CST

Adjournment: The meeting ended at 2:05pm CST