LocationCyVerse ContactLocal ContactNotes
PAG XXIIIConference01/12/2019 to 01/16/2019San Diego, CAJason Williams


see website page for list of CyVerse/related events

FFW: Make your life (and analysis) easier with containerswebinarJan 25virtualTinaJulian P (presenter)wiki page materials
DNA Subway Green Line Webinar (RNA-Seq with Kallisto and Sleuth)webinarFeb 1VirtualJ. Williams 

Online webinar on upgrades to Green Line

Attendance: 95

Video post: https://youtu.be/eZ6Az9F7E24

Phenome 2019 ConferenceFeb 6-9Tucson, AZ

Tyson, Ramona, Nirav, Julian



CyVerse: Exhibit Table 7; Hilton El Conquistador (Tina help setup/take down)

Others attending: David L.

Final Slides for Shelley

FFW: Going places with your containerswebinarFeb 8virtualTinaTyson S (presenter)wiki page materials
FFW: BioContainer BonanzawebinarFeb 22virtualTinaAmanda (presenter)wiki page materials
5th Annual meeting of Arkansas Bioinformatics ConsortiumWorkshopFeb 25-26Little Rock, AKJ. WilliamsDouglas Rhoads

Jason presented the workshop: CyVerse Cyberinfrastructure for Research and Education in Genomics and Metagenomics

Attendance: 25

FFW: Cancelled due to Container CampwebinarMarch 08virtual   
FFW: Deploying scalable, interactive bioinformatics analyses via VICE (mmtf-pyspark)webinarMarch 22virtualTinaPeter Rosewiki page materials
Environmental Data Science Inclusion NetworkConferenceApril 02-04Boulder, COJason 

This NSF INCLUDES activity is a network focused on increasing diversity in data science. Jason presented a lightning talk and distributed CyVerse materials. Agenda. (~110 attendees).

FFW: Doing metagenomic analyses with QIIME 2 using Jupyter Notebooks in VICEwebinarApril 5virtualTina/ShelleyJoslynn Leewiki page materials
Get Started with CyVerse Quarterly WebinarWebinarApril 17virtualJason W. 


Attendance: 25

FFW: Nanopore sequencing data analysis in CyVerse Discovery Environment - Part 1webinarApril 19virtualtinaUpendra Devisettywiki page materials
FFW: Nanopore sequencing data analysis in CyVerse Discovery Environment - Part 2webinarMay 3virtualtinaJawon Song (TACC)wiki page materials
FFW: Scanning and visualizing genomes using Patmatch and Circos in CyVerse.webinarMay 17virtualtinaWayne Decatur (UMU, SUNY)wiki page materials
CSHL Frontiers in Plant Sciences courseworkshopJun 30Cold Spring Harbor, NYJason W. Attendance: 16
Get Started with CyVerse Quarterly WebinarwebinarJul 22virtualJason W. Attendance: 20
ISMB/ECCB Conference 2019conferenceJul 24Basel, CHJason W. 

Jason delivered the opening keynote for the Education Track

Attendance: 150

ISMB/ECCB Conference 2019conferenceJul 24Basel, CHJason W. 

CyVerse Tools and Services: Intro to data/metadata management and sharing demo

Attendance: 40

ISMB/ECCB Conference 2019conferenceJul 25Basel, CHJason W 

Launching Data Carpentry Genomics Lessons (lightning talk)

Attendance: 90

Swiss Institute of BioinformaticsseminarJul 26Lausanne, CHJason W 

Cyberinfrastructure for Scaling Research, Education, and People

Attendance: 10

ASPB Plant Biology 2019conferenceAug XXXSan Jose, CAJason W. ~200 Booth visitors
FFW: RNA-Seq Basics using ONT and CyVerse ToolswebinarAug 30virtualtinaAndrew Nelson, UAwiki page materials
FFW: Genome assembly using NanoDJ Notebooks in CyVersewebinarSept 13virtualTina LTamara Hernandez-Beeftinkwiki page materials
FFW: Metagenomic analysis using NanoDJ Notebooks in CyVersewebinarSept 27virtualTina LHector Rodrigues-Perezwiki page materials
FFW: Git for Mere MortalswebinarOct 11virtualTina LMeghan Balkwiki page materials
FFW: Writing and Sharing Computational Analyses using Jupyter Notebooks in CyVersewebinarOct 25virtualTina LPeter Rosewiki page materials
Get Started with CyVersewebinarOct 25virtualJason W Attendance: 7
FFW: Using VICE DESEQ2 for RNA-Seq Differential Expression AnalysiswebinarNov 8virtualtina lSateesh Periwiki page materials
CyVerse Tools and Services/Reproducibility WorkshopWorkshopDec 3-5University of Puerto RicoJason W Jason will give an invited departmental seminar as well as a two-day workshop; sponsored by UPR and NIH BD2K
FFW: Don't let your data drag you downwebinarNov 22virtualtina lRamona Wallswiki page materials