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Connecting to an Image via Web Desktop using VNC Viewer

You can connect to an image you own using Atmosphere's Web Desktop. Web Desktop uses a VNC (Virtual Network Computing) viewer that allows the owner of an image that is being run on CyVerse resources to connect from their local machines in a graphical desktop environment. The underlying protocol works across operating systems and platforms, and allows remote users to access, use, and share a computer system. There are many free VNC clients or viewers.

For full instructions on using the Web Desktop Viewer, see Logging In to an Instance.

  1. In Atmosphere, click Projects on the menu bar and then click the project with the instance to view in Remote Desktop.

    You must be the owner of the instance and it must be running.

  2. Click the instance name to open the instance.
  3. Click Web Desktop in the Actions menu on the right.
  4. In the VNC Viewer window, click Connect.
  5. Enter your CyVerse username and password and click OK. The VNC Viewer window opens.

To learn more about sharing your instance with other users via SSH or VNC, see Sharing an Instance with Other Users.

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To learn more about how to use RealVNC, see the RealVNC documentation.

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