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Naim Matasci (
Sheldon McKay (
Brian O'Meara (
Ann Stapleton (
Kurt Michels


Progress with the optimization project

The optimization project is on track and Kurt has produced the code to generate the plots of those regions where optimizers fail. He also reports that the initial value has an effect of the optimization convergence and therefore it's worth exploring that parameter as well. However given the computational needs, the code will need to be parallelized. Naim to describe the strategy on a wiki page. Furthermore, we should avoid focusing exclusively on geiger, as we want to provide a community-wide perspective: Ape functions should also be tested. Also, Brian and Jeremy suggested that daily builds of the code are committed to the R-forge repo.

Feedback from the trip to TACC (foundation API and HPC integration)

Naim reports that the foundation APIs are now mature and can be tested. Brian and Jeremy will also receive access and will be beta testers/early adopters. Ann points out that it will be important that they provide feedback so that the documentation can be improved. In particular she suggests the form of "I wish someone had told me X".