Welcome to the user manual for the CyVerse Discovery Environment (DE). Here you'll find all the how-to instructions for using the DE. To get you started, you may want to read through the introductory information in the Quick Links. Hints for how to use this manual are also on this page, as well as how to search for topics in this wiki space, and navigating the DE.

Navigating this manual

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Searching for topics

You can search for topics on the CyVerse wiki about the Discovery Environment, or search for topics in all CyVerse spaces. The CyVerse Wiki uses the Atlassian Confluence open source application. For assistance with creating useful search queries for use on the CyVerse wiki pages, please see Confluence Search Syntax or Searching Confluence.

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About using this user guide

Exporting a page to PDF

A logged-in user can export a page in this manual as a PDF. To do so, click Tools at the top right, click Export to PDF, and then save to your system.

If you find an error in the manual, have a question, or want to make a suggestion regarding the documentation for this manual, please email Kathleen Kennedy, Documentation Coordinator. Thanks for your help!

If you find an error, have a question, or want to make a suggestion regarding the documentation for an app in the DE, please contact the integrator of the app.

Navigating the app

While much of the interface is intuitive and easy to use, there are a few tips to keep in mind as you move between windows in the DE.

Main icons  

At the top right of every DE screen are the main icons:

Lists status update notifications and information about data or analyses actions.

Links to setting preferences; viewing or editing the Collaborators list; viewing system messages, documentation, Introduction to the DE, and release information; contacting CyVerse Support; and logging out of the DE.

 Click to access the FAQs page or Ask CyVerse, and to submit feedback or contact Support.

Open window icons

Open window tabs

Layout (Snap Left or Snap Right), Minimize/Maximize, and Close window icons

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